Google Certified Innovator Program

The GoogleEdu Certified Innovator Program application has just been announced with dates for 2020!

If you have GEG members that are level 1 and 2 certified and should apply, get them to check out the upcoming dates and locations:

Mexico City, Mexico, (Spanish language only)
Academy Dates: May 27-29 Application Deadline: April 10

Sunnyvale, California (English language only)
Academy Dates: July 29-31, Application Deadline: June 5

Sydney, Australia (English language only)
Academy Dates: August 26-28, Application Deadline: July 10

Madrid, Spain (Spanish language only)
Academy Dates: October 7-9, Application Deadline: August 21

Sign up for Google EI program updates here and details of webinars about the Innovator program here:

GEG Nagoya Pub Night: 21 FEB 2020

Build a Classroom or Professional Website

Join GEG Nagoya at Coat of Arms Bar & Restaurant and start building your classroom or professional website with Google Sites. We'll walk you through the steps. Participants must have a Gmail account and we encourage you to bring a laptop. By the time you leave, you will have the foundations of your website complete. You will also learn how to purchase and link a personal domain, inexpensively. We will also introduce non-Google platforms for those interested in knowing their options. Hopefully, more GEGS can offer this session to their members as the skills offered are certainly practical.

Enjoy some dinner and drinks as you raise your professionalism with your very own online presence.

GEG Bulgaria Share Their School Transformation

On 2-4 December 2019, 12 GEG Bulgaria members and 1 GEG Leader visited Joan Alcover School - A Google Reference School in Palma de Mallorca. Educators and headteachers exchanged practices and ideas on whole-school transformation. They discussed the 6-year transformation journey of Joan Alcover School and their success story on G suite integration, 1:1 Chromebook and project-based learning. GEG Bulgaria members organized a hands-on workshop covering Google Expeditions, Tour Creator and augmented and virtual reality.

A great example of how GEGs, Reference schools and Google partners (Center for Creative Training in Bulgaria and iEducando in Spain) can collaborate and foster educators from different countries to meet and support each other on meaningful use of technology.

Sp Latam GEGs 1° Microcap of 2020

SpLatam GEGs were invited to attend our first Microcap of the year. Quick live webinars to give advice connected to the Transformation Center or to G Suite and Chromebooks.

On this Microcap, we invited two Mexican Google Certified Innovators, Armando Santiago and Rosy Cajiga who share their projects for better device management at schools as well as an efficient class administration using Google Sheets, Sites, and Forms.

GEG On Air #16: Back to school with Google for Education

GEG Brazil started the year with a Live Session of GEG On Air to share ideas of using Google for Education tools. They were all suggested by GEG Leaders: Patrícia Regina (GEG Niterói), Ana Laura (GEG Joinville) and Auderlânia Dias (GEG Lavras da Mangabeira) joined to explain their suggestions. We invite everyone to check more than twenty creative ideas shared on this deck to explore with your students.

Special thanks to all GEG Leaders involved: GEG Americana: Rodrigo Fukugauti, Giuliano Coan and Carlos Coan; GEG Barueri: Fernanda Lourenço; GEG Campo Grande: Gabriel Ferraciolli; GEG Chapecó: Cris Fiorentini; GEG Curitiba: Deia Castagini; GEG Imperatriz: Luciene Santana; GEG Joinville: Ana Laura Queiroz and Graziela München; GEG Lavras de Mangabeira: Auderlânia Dias; GEG Niterói: Carolina Soïdo, Cláudia Zunino, Patrícia Regina and Sandra Felippe; GEG Pouso Alegre: Luana Coelho; GEG Salvador: Margarete Barbosa; GEG Santo Antônio da Patrulha: Dilce Eclai; GEG São José dos Campos: Alice Turibio; GEG Uberaba: Paulo Henrique Rafael; GEG Varginha: Vânia Flores.

Google Classroom Rubrics out of Beta

We have all been keen to see this feature. Rubrics will be available in Google Classroom in the coming weeks. This tool can help you grade more efficiently and effectively—while giving students quality feedback and transparency about how they'll be evaluated. 

Learn more:

Google Digital Wellbeing through Technology

Wellbeing and digital wellbeing are in many teachers’ thoughts right now, with workplace and student stress on a sharp rise. Google has developed a significant website to help us all manage our use of devices with the philosophy that technology should improve life, not distract from it.

Start the experience to reflect on your current use of technology and be offered advice on how to make sustainable changes. Please make your GEG members aware of this valuable resource and if you use it, please send in a review for a future newsletter.