Announcing: Workbench Education Events Toolkit for GEG Leaders!

Workbench is Google’s newly acquired (2018) platform to find, share and explore everything from standards aligned content, lesson plans, courses and much more.

This new Workbench Event Toolkit will enable GEGs to run an event introducing educators to Workbench and enabling them to get started on the platform.

Whether teachers want to find a lesson to use in their class, explore a STEAM activity or share any resources that a teacher has created then Workbench can enable that for you.

Acquired by Google last year, Workbench is a content library for educators to discover, create, remix, and share lessons and resources. At ISTE 2019 Google launched a new integration with the Workbench Blockly programming canvas and Google Sheets. This enables users to build Blockly programs to control multiple Bluetooth devices (robots, drones, sensors, microcontrollers) and send that data to or retrieve data from Google Sheets.

Check out this Event Toolkit in the Events in a Box page on the GEG Leaders Portal and search fro Workbench - and if you run this event with your GEG don’t forget to report it in the Edu Activity App! (Please note only GEG Leaders have access to the GEG Leader Portal - if you are a GEG member and want to join or run this event please speak to your local GEG Leader).

GEG South Korea

GEGs in South Korea hosted 2 training sessions at the 2019 Software Education Festival organized by the Ministry of Education in Yeosu, South Korea. The sessions were designed to help get Korean teachers started on using Google for Education tools.

GEG Leaders Trainer Energizer in Mexico

On October 11th, Nay Belaunzarán (GEG Bajío, Mexico), Alfonso Pinzón and David Habib (GEG Campeche, Mexico), Ana Ma. Roa (GEG in Colombia) and Edward Morón (GEG Tacna, Peru) attended our first Trainer Energizer in LatAm region.

They shared a lot of knowledge to the group as well as learned new tools and training methodologies to continue their journey as trainers and leaders.

Thanks for creating a great community!

GEGs Around Tokyo Delivered Joint Event


On October 21st, 3 GEGs in Kanagawa Prefecture has joined together and delivered a joint event. This would be the fifth time of doing an event together. 53 teachers from the area attended the event, including the head of BOE and school superintendents. Learning the tools, discussing various topics, teachers had new connections. GEG Kamakura will continue to provide exciting and fun opportunities in the future.

Event Setup Guide for GEG Leaders in Google Classroom

As presented in a previous newsletter, GEGs in Brazil are joining a collaborative initiative to celebrate Teachers’ Day and Google Classroom's 5th anniversary. To support, more than 50 meetups are happening during the month of October and a "Tips for organizing a GEG Event" was published on the Google Classroom portal for GEG Brazil Leaders. Thanks Carla Arena for providing it!

New GEG leaders

A big welcome to new these Brazilian GEG members!

GEG Uberaba: Paulo Henrique Rafael de Souza
GEG Garopaba: Tariane Mattiazzi
GEG Cuiabá: Pedro Clarindo da Silva Neto
GEG Umuarama: Carla Zanfrilli, Érica Cunha, Cintia Araújo and José Luiz Borsatto
GEG Vila Velha: Maíra Franco Leone
GEG Porto Alegre: Taís Silveira Leão
GEG Barueri: Fernanda Lourenço
GEG Lima, Peru: Víctor Torres and Maritza Núñez
GEG Tacna, Peru: Lourdes Gonzáles

You’re invited to the SWE19 cohort graduation

Friends, family members, fellow educators, and GEG members and Trainers, the SWE19 cohort of Google Certified Innovators are pleased to welcome you to their graduation, project launches, and networking event!

Google Sweden, Kungsbron 2, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden

Friday, 8th November, 15:30.
Agenda: 3:30pm Arrive & get settled
4pm: Pitches and graduation begins, learn about Google's certification programs
5pm: Hors d'ouvres, champagne, tour, and networking

Interested in joining us? Please RSVP here by Nov. 1st